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Buying Art: an Attractive Alternative Investment

Investing in art

Exceptionally low interest rates and unstable markets throughout the world make the decision difficult. Having been involved in the art market for thirty five years investing in fine art is something that Tom and I have done continually and have no hesitation in continuing to do.

We have, at times, found ourselves holding paintings in a declining market. The pictures themselves, however, remain constant, regardless of fluctuations in value. We always buy pictures in which we see artistic merit on several levels but also those to which we are drawn and would be happy to keep. We advise our clients to do likewise, and then they will have the assurance of knowing that they have invested in something which will always give them pleasure and will always have both intrinsic and financial value. A good picture will never be worth nothing.

We are specialist dealers who know a great deal about a very small area of art. Our job is to use our knowledge and experience to select the best pictures in our field and so offer collectors an exception gallery of pictures to choose from with confidence. If you feel drawn to the pictures on our site we will be more than happy to discuss them, firstly as objects of pleasure and secondly as potential investments. Alternatively ask to be put on our mailing list, attend some of our exhibitions and perhaps some of our lectures and study days to get to know ourselves and our pictures before deciding to collect.

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