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Welcome to Staithes Group Art Specialists T.B. & R. Jordan's Gallery

Staithes Group Specialists for over 40 years

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We’re Tom and Rosamund Jordan and have been established as Fine Art Dealers since 1974 and have been Members of LAPADA for more than 40 years.

Our special interest has always been the work of Impressionist artists painting in the North of England around a hundred years ago.

The Staithes Group, who worked in and around the picturesque fishing village, have always been special favourites. Many of them trained in Paris and/or Antwerp at the height of the Impressionist movement bringing the broad brush strokes and outdoor painting of this Movement back to Yorkshire. Their work is now in private and public collections world wide.

We search for the best examples and sell at prices that make it possible for clients to hang museum quality examples on their walls. It's a wonderful way to discover an experience you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Corona Virus

We are having to cancel the exhibitions we had planned for this year due to the pandemic but are hoping to have a virtual Exhibition in conjunction with Whitby's Pannett Gallery.

We are also in the process of up-dating our website.

One thing which has been an even greater joy than usual during lockdown is how important it has been to live surrounded by good works of art. We have been able to spend so much more time looking objectively at individual paintings and relishing so many different aspects of each one.