T.B. & R. Jordan

Staithes Group Specialists     Established 1974

Staithes Group Selling Exhibition 2018

Pannett Gallery, Whitby YO21 1RE

26th May – 10th June Excluding Mondays

10am-4pm (closing 3pm on the last day)

We are pleased to be exhibiting once again at the Pannett Art Gallery alongside the only comprehensive collection of Staithes Group and Staithes Art Club pictures in the world.

We always find it difficult to choose which paintings to bring from our stock of around 130 examples by this Group, but we think we’ve made a wide selection with something to please everyone keen to collect the work of these artists, We find that we rarely spend our money on anything that gives us more pleasure – looking at a really good painting can be so up-lifting.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to us about the Group, the pictures and the artists.

i): The Staithes Group and Staithes Art Club

Edward Enoch Anderson RBA 1878-1961

1.  Turnbull’s Shipyard, watercolours, 9”x13”. Provenance: from the artist’s sketchbook.   £495

2.  Whitby Harbour with St Mary’s Church, watercolours, 7”x10”. Provenance: from the artist’s sketchbook. £395

3.  Moored Boats, Upper Harbour, Whitby, watercolours, 7”x10”. Provenance: from the artist’s sketchbook.  £395

John Atkinson 1863 – 1924

4. Ploughing in Springtime, watercolours, 18"x24", signed and inscribed, almost certainly 1918 exhibit at   the Northern Counties Exhibition at the Laing Gallery, Newcastle. £2,950.

5. Ugthorpe Mill, watercolours, 11½"x13", signed. £695

Joseph Richard Bagshawe R.B.A. 1870-1909

6. A Moorland Farm near Ugthorpe, oils on canvas, 20”x24”.Provenance: a certificate of authenticity signed by S. Bagshawe, the artist’s granddaughter. SOLD

7. The Return of the Fleet, oils on panel, 9”x13½”. Provenance: a certificate of authenticity signed by S. Bagshawe, the artist’s granddaughter. £2,950

8. Fishing Fleet at Sea, watercolours, , 9”x13½”, signed. £3,250

9. Fishing Crew at Sea, watercolours, 10”x14½”, signed. £4,850

James William Booth R.Cam.A. 1867 – 1953

10. Feeding Hens outside the Cottage, oils on canvas, 28”x36”, signed J.W.Booth. £12,500

11. Three Horses Ploughing, oils on canvas, 19¾”x19¼”, signed. Provenance with a private client. £4,950

12. Horses Sheltering, oils on board, 8”x11½", signed. Provenance with a private client.  £1,950

13. Haymaking,  watercolours, 11½"x17½", signed. Provenance with a private client. £2,650

14. Fisherfolk at Staithes, watercolours, 9”x14”, signed. £1,950

15. Unloading the Catch, Staithes, watercolours, 12”x18”, signed. Shown and discussed in BBC programe Art and The Sea. Provenance with The Harry Rutherford Private Collection, 17 Nelson Street, Hyde. £2,650

Owen Bowen R.O.I. P.R.Cam.A. 1873 – 1967

16. Vase of Roses, oils on canvas, 19”x23½”, signed. £3,950

17. Chrysanthemums, oils on panel, 16"x11½", signed. £2,950. 

18. Harvest Time, oils on canvas, 24½"x29½", signed and dated (19)02. £4,950  

19. Driving Cows in the Low Countries, oils on canvas, 14”x18”, signed. £2,950

Ernest Dade 1864-1935

20. Fishing Boats in a Harbour, watercolours, 6½”x9½”, signed. £1,350

William Gilbert Foster R.B.A. 1855 – 1906

21.  Grandfather’s Telescope, Runswick, oils on canvas, 36”x22”, signed. £12,500

Arthur A. Friedenson 1872 – 1955

22. A Dorset Road, oils on canvas, 20”x24”, signed. £6,950 

23. St. Monans Harbour, oils on panel, 9½”x13½”, signed. £ 4,950

24. Poole Harbour, Looking Towards Corfe Castle, oils on panel, 8¼”x10¼”, signed. £1,650

Ralph Hedley R.B.A.  Pr.B.C 1848 – 1913

25. A Runswick Washerwoman, oils on canvas, 17”x13”, signed and dated (18)95. £3,950

26. Repairing the Net, Runswick Bay, oils on canvas 30”x20”, signed and dated 1886. £9,950

Rowland Henry Hill 1873 – 1952

27. Flowergate, Whitby, watercolours, 10¼”x13¼”, signed and dated 1929. £2,750

28. Whitby Harbour with the Abbey and St. Mary’s Church, watercolours, 10½”x14”, signed and dated 1929. £2.750

29. The Beach, Runswick Bay, watercolours, 11x15, signed and dated 1926.   £2,450

   30 Whitby Harbour, Showing the Abbey and St. Mary’s Church, watercolours, 10¾”x14½”, signed and dated 1932. £2,250

31. Ellerby by Moonlight, watercolours, 9¼”x13¼”, signed and dated 1932. £1,750

Henry Silkstone Hopwood RSW 1860 – 1914

32. Feeding the Hens, watercolours, 14”x17½”, signed and dated 1896. £2,950. 

33. Runswick Washerwoman at Work, watercolours, 12”x8”, signed. £2,950

34. Eating a Meal Under Canvas, watercolours, 28”x18”, signed and dated 1891, and inscribed verso ‘Sydney Harbour’. £3,950

John Spence Ingall  1850-1936

35. Sunset, North York Moors, watercolours, 10½"x14½", signed. £1,250

Robert Jobling Pr.B.C. 1841 – 1923

36. On the Bridge, oils on canvas, 15”x11”, signed. £7,950

37. The Pilot Cobble with the Pearl off Whitby, oils on canvas, 32"x48", signed. This is probably one of Jobling’s exhibits at the 1st Artists of the Northern Counties Exhibition in 1905 at the Laing Gallery. £14,500

Harold Knight RA ROI RP 1874 - 1961

38. A Busy Harbour, watercolours, 8½”x6 ¾”, signed. £3,950

39. A Cottage Garden, Runswick, watercolours, 13”x11”, signed. £6,950

Frank Henry Algernon Mason RBA RI RSMA 1875 – 1965

40. Stormy Waters, watercolours, 13”x18”, signed.  £3,250

41. Heavy Weather in the North Sea, watercolours, 19"x29", signed and dated 1900. £3,950

42. Venezia, watercolours, 19½”x29½”, signed and inscribed ‘Venezia’, painted around1902 when the Campanile of St Mark’s collapsed. The re-built structure was opened in 1912.  £4,950 

43. Venetian Canal Scene, watercolours,9”x13”, signed with initials. £1,750

William Frederick Mayor 1866-1916

44.  Fisherman and Cobbles on the Beach, Staithes, watercolours, 13”x9½”, signed. £1,950

45. Looking for the Boats, watercolours,12”x15”, signed. £3,950

Paul Paul R.B.A. 1865 – 1937

46. Poultry in a Sunlit Farmyard, oils on panel, 9"x12½" signed.  £1,950

Frederick Stuart Richardson 1855-1934

47. Monnickendam, oils on canvas, 24”x30”, signed. £3,950

48. Venice, watercolours, 9¼”x13”, signed. £1,750

Ernest Higgins Rigg 1868 – 1947

49. Harvest Time, pastels, 12”x18”, signed. £850

50. Feeding Time, oils on canvas, 27”x35”, signed. £9,500

Albert George Stevens 1863 – 1925

51. A Jet Work Shop, Whitby, watercolours, 13”x15”, signed. £3,950

52. Children Playing, watercolours, 8½”x11½, signed. £1,950

53. A Three-Master at Low Tide, Whitby, 11½”x17½”, watercolours, signed. £1,450

Percy Morton Teasedale 1870-1961

54. The Fishing Fleet in Brixham Harbour, oils on panel, 10"x13½”, signed. £1,650

Joseph Alfred Terry R.B.A. 1872 – 1939

55. Delphiniums and Lilies No.2, oils on board, 21”x18”, signed; bears Christies Studio Sale stamp from 1986 (Lot 350). £1,250.  

James Watson 1851-1936

56. Cottage Garden, Runswick, oils on canvas, 27”x20”, signed. £2,950

ii) Other Northern Artists

John Francis Brannegan 1843-1909

57. Whitby from the Battery, watercolours, 12½”x18”, signed. £495

Henry Barlow Carter 1803-1868

58. Storm off Scarborough, watercolours, 22”x30”, signed and dated 1862. £2,950

Robert Leslie Howey 1900-1981

59. Whitby Harbour, Night Time, mixed media, 14”x17”, signed. Provenance with the Howey family. £2,450

60. Whitby Trawler, oils on canvas board, 9”x11”, signed. Provenance with the Howey family. £1,250

61. Dusk, Runswick, mixed media, 4”x8”, signed. Provenance with the Howey family. £850

62. Evening, Whitby, Mending the Nets, mixed media, 6¼”x4¼”, signed. Provenance with the Howey family. £850

63. Fishing Cobble at The Landing, Robin Hoods Bay, mixed media on paper, 14½”x17½”, signed. £2,450

64. Figures and Cobbles on the Shoreline, Runswick,  mixed media, 8½”x10¾”, signed. Provenance with the Howey family. £1,350   

65. Roseberry Topping, mixed media on paper, 14½”x17¼”, signed. £1,250

66. Teesmouth,  mixed media, 10½”x14½”, signed. Provenance with the Howey family.   £1,650

67. Misty Day on the Yorkshire Coast with Fishermen and Boats, mixed media, 10¾”x14½”, signed. £1,450

68. Beached Cobble, Runswick, mixed media, 4¾”x6¾”, signed. Provenance with the Howey family. £950

69. Whitby Harbour by Moonlight, mixed media, 4½”x6¼”, signed. £950

70. Hauling the Nets, Whitby, mixed media, 4¾”x6¾”, signed. Provenance with the Howey family. £950

71. Seaton Beach and Tees Estuary, watercolours, 8½”x10½”, signed. £795

72. At the Quayside, mixed media, 14¼”x17¼”, signed. £1,950

73. Windermere and Wansfell, mixed media, 14”x17”, signed. £1,250

74. Runswick Bay, oils on canvas board, 4½”x7”, signed. £950

75. Whitby Harbour, oils on canvas board, 4½”x7”, signed. £950

76. Whitby by Moonlight, oils on canvas board, 4½”x7”, signed. £950

77. Borrowdale, oils on canvas, 19”x23”, signed. £1,950

78. Derwentwater, a Glimpse through the Trees, pastels, 10”x12½”, signed. £795

Joseph Jobling 1870-1930

79. An Easterly Breeze, oils on canvas, 20”x30”, signed, , signed and dated 1907, in original gilt frame bearing original name tablet. Provenance: exhibited at the 3rd Exhibition of Works by Artists of the Northern Counties at the Laing Gallery, Newcastle in February 1908, No. 370. £1,950

William Peter Watson 1856-1932

80. The Posy, Oils on canvas, 13½”x17½”, signed. £1,650

George Weatherill 1810-1890

81. Black Nab Point, Whitby, watercolours, 3½”x5”. Provenance with Walker Gallery, Harrogate. £2,450

Richard Weatherill 1844-1923

82. Paddle Tug Entering Whitby Harbour, oils on panel, 4¼”x3¼”, signed. £1,950

Richard Marshall 1944-2006

83. Sandsend, Making Sandpies, oils on canvas laid on board, 8¾"x11½", signed. £750

84. Playing on the Beach at Sandsend, oils on canvas laid on board, 8¼"x 11½", signed. £750

Website: www.tbrj.co.uk

Most of the pictures in this catalogue can be seen in our on-line Gallery under Staithes group and then under the artist’s name.

Facebook : The Staithes Group of Artists

Probably the best way to keep up-to-date and see new paintings before they are put up on the website.

Telephone: 07970 503134 and 01642 782599

(Please use the mobile number during the Exhibition)

Next Exhibitions

The Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage 8th & 9th September

Memorial Hall  Cliff Lane  Staithes  10am – 4pm

Illustrated talks on The Staithes Group 2pm both days

(£5 donation to Festival funds welcome)

This Festival continues to celebrate the village as a focus for artists. Many of the holiday cottages are used by working artists to show pictures and crafts. There are talks and events to do with the village and its heritage. I’m sure the Group would have loved the fact that Staithes continues its artistic traditions.

We will be bringing around 40 Staithes Group and other Yorkshire Coast pictures for sale.

Fred Jackson and the Staithes Group

A special exhibition to mark the centenary of the death of Frederick William Jackson NEA RBA 1859 – 1918  late November early December at the Pannett Gallery again.

When not exhibiting we are always pleased to show our pictures by appointment from our house near Yarm.



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