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Works by Staithes Group Artists and Members of the Staithes Art Club and also by Stephen Frank Wasley 1848-1934

The Pannett Gallery, Whitby from Saturday15th June to Sunday 30th June, 2019 excluding Mondays.

We’re back again for a selling exhibition alongside the Pannett Gallery’s collection of paintings by Members of the Staithes Group and the Staithes Art Club. These artists worked in an artists’ colony which gradually formed in the Parish of Hinderwell-cum-Roxby and thrived between the early 1880s till around the start of WW1.

They were professional artists, many of whom trained in Paris and Antwerp at the height of the Impressionist movement. Their work is now in major public galleries world-wide including among many others Tate Britain, the V&A, Leeds, City Art Gallery, the Laing Gallery Newcastle and the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia.

This exhibition affords the opportunity to compare a picture you may be considering buying with similar works in the public collection. If you have never considered buying a true work of art before, spend time looking at one of your favourites and try to imagine the joy of living with it, seeing it every day – and knowing that you are a custodian of a piece of our artistic heritage.

Staithes Group & Staithes Art Club Artists

Edward Enoch Anderson RBA 1878-1961

1. Whitby Harbour with St Mary’s Church, watercolours, 7”x10”. Provenance: from the artist’s sketchbook. £395

2. Moored Boats, Upper Harbour, Whitby, watercolours, 7”x10”. Provenance: from the artist’s sketchbook. £395

John Atkinson 1863 – 1924

3. Donkeys on the Beach, watercolours, 10”x14½”, signed. £2,950

Joseph Richard Bagshawe R.B.A. 1870-1909

4. The Return of the Fleet, oils on panel, 9”x13½”. Provenance: a certificate of authenticity signed by S. Bagshawe, the artist’s granddaughter. £2,950

5. Fishing Boats Offshore, watercolours, 4¼”x6” (ex. Artist’s sketch book). £495

6. Fishing Fleet at Sea, watercolours, , 9”x13½”, signed. £3,250

Thomas Barrett A.R.E. N.S.A. 1848-1924

7. A Moorland Track, etching, 4”x6”, signed. £495

8. Harvesting by Moonlight, etching, 3”x5”, signed. £495

James William Booth R.Cam.A. 1867 – 1953

9. Feeding Hens outside the Cottage, oils on canvas, 28”x36”, signed J.W.Booth. £9,500

10. Three Horses Harrowing, oils on canvas, 19¾”x19¼”, signed. £2,950

11. Fisherfolk at Staithes, watercolours, 9”x14”, signed. Shown and discussed in BBC programme Art and The Sea. £1,950

12. Roses, watercolours, 19”x28”, signed and dated 1936. Bears James Bourlet Royal Academy label and 2 other Bourlet labels, plus artist’s label with title, address and exhibition No.3 labels verso. £550  

Owen Bowen R.O.I. P.R.Cam.A. 1873 – 1967

13. Sundrenched Coastal Scene, oils on canvas, 9”x13”, signed. £1,850

14. Pink and White Roses, oils on canvas, 19”x23”, signed. £,2950

15. Cattle Watering, canvas laid on panel, 10¾”x16½", signed. £2,950

16. A Yorkshire Haytime, oils on re-lined canvas, 16”x20”, signed. Provenance: exhibited at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters 1917; bears remnant of label verso, together with transcription. £2,950

Ernest Dade 1864-1935

17. Poole Harbour, watercolours, 6½”x 8½", signed with initials. £1,250

18. Paddle Trawler at Sea, oils on board, 9¼”x13¼, signed. £1,750

19. Paddle Tug and Fishing Boat, oils on board, 9½”x13¼”, signed. £1,750

William Gilbert Foster R.B.A. 1855 – 1906

20. Grandfather’s Telescope, Runswick, oils on canvas, 36”x22”, signed. £12,500

Arthur A. Friedenson 1872 – 1955

21. The North York Moors, oils on panel, 8”x10”, signed. £950

22. Geese on the Common, oils on canvas, 20”x30”, signed and dated 1914 and titled verso. £4,950

23. Fishing, Poole Harbour, oils on panel, 13"x16" signed in pencil verso. £950

24. A Belgian Windmill, 15½”x21½”, signed. Almost certainly painted whilst Friedenson was at the Antwerp Academy. £2,250

25. Morning in a Fifeshire Harbour, oils on panel, 14”x10”, signed. Titled on label verso which also bears hand written comment: ‘Staithes Catalogue Number 58.’ This almost certainly refers to the last Staithes Art Club Exhibition in Whitby in 1907 as he painted a series in St Monans (the subject of this painting) one of which is inscribed ‘To my friend Harold 1907. £ 4,950

Sidney Valentine Gardner 1869 – 1957

26. Feeding Hens in a Country lane, oils on board, 9½"x12½", signed. £650

Ralph Hedley R.B.A. Pr.B.C 1848 – 1913

27. A Runswick Washerwoman, oils on canvas, 17”x13”, signed and dated (18)95. £3,950

28. Deep in Thought! Oils on canvas laid on board, 15”x11”, signed with initials and dated 1908. £2,950  

29. Picking Raspberries, oils on canvas, 18"x13½", signed. £4,950    

Rowland Henry Hill 1873 – 1952

30. Young Girl with a Basket of Violets, watercolours, 10”x7”, signed and dated 1927 and Young Girl wearing a Staithes Bonnet and Carrying a Bunch of Primroses, watercolours, 10”x7”, signed and dated 1927. £1,750 the pair

31. Flowergate, Whitby, watercolours, 10¼”x13¼”, signed and dated 1929. £1,950

32. The Heath, watercolours, 14”x21”, signed and dated 1925. £1,550  

   33. Staithes, Looking Towards Cowbar, watercolours, 9¾" x13½", signed. £950

34. Horseguards Parade, watercolours, 9½"x ½"x 12½", signed twice. £1,850

   35. St Martins in the Fields, watercolours, 12½”x9¼”, signed and dated 1935. £1,950

36. Winter in Ellerby, watercolours, 11¼”x8½”, signed and dated 1942. £1,950

Henry Silkstone Hopwood RSW 1860 – 1914

37. January, a Snowy Landscape with Windmill, watercolours, 15½”x11”, signed and dated (18)93. £1,350

38. Runswick Washerwoman at Work, watercolours, 12”x8”, signed. £2,950

John William Howey 1873 – 1938

39. Autumn, Castle Eden, oils on panel, 10”x12”, signed, inscribed verso with title and re-signed in pencil. £1,650

Frederick William Jackson NEA RBA 1859 – 1918

40.Faraway Thoughts (above Runswick), oils on canvas, 20”x30”, signed and dated 1895. A painting in Peter Phillips Exhibition catalogue ‘A Staithes Selection’, June 1979, shows a thin section of sea, sky and the edge of the cliff identical to the extended landscape in this picture. £ 12,500

41. Cows Grazing in a Springtime Orchard, probably Hinderwell, oils on canvas, 24”x29”, signed. £9,500

42. Whitby Quayside, oils on canvas, 21”x17”, signed and dated 1887. Provenance: exhibited at Peter

Phillips’ Arthur Friedenson and the Staithes Group (1976) No. 47. £6,950

Robert Jobling Pr.B.C. 1841 – 1923

43. Fishermen in Staithes, watercolours, 11”x15”, signed. £1,950

Harold Knight RA ROI RP 1874 - 1961

44. The Blood Coral Beads, Laren, oils on board, 13½”x9½”, signed. £12,950

45. A Busy Harbour, watercolours, 8½”x6 ¾”, signed. £3,950

Charles Hodge Mackie RSA RSW

46. A French Farmyard, oils on panel, 8”x10”, signed and dated 1907. £1,850

Frank Henry Algernon Mason RBA RI RSMA 1875 – 1965

47. Mouth of the Tyne, etching, 7”x11½”, signed. £495      

48. Venice, etching, 14”x18”, signed. £950

49. Volendam, watercolours, 9”x13½”, signed and dated ‘99 and inscribed with the title and ‘to my friend W. White Sanderson 1899’. £1,350

William Frederick Mayor 1866-1916

50. The Millwright, oils on Canvas, 23”x19”. Provenance with the artist’s family. £2,950

51. Portrait of a Lady Sewing, oils on canvas,19"x14". Provenance: with the Mayor Gallery. £2,950

52. A Mosque in Tangiers, watercolours, 7"x8¾" signed. £995    

53. Looking for the Boats, watercolours,12”x15”, signed. £3,950

An illustrated booklet on Fred & Hannah Mayor and their work will be available, price £5.

Paul Paul R.B.A. 1865 – 1937

54. Poultry in a Sunlit Farmyard, oils on panel, 9"x12½" signed. £1,250

Frederick Stuart Richardson 1855-1934

55. Monnickendam, oils on canvas, 24”x30”, signed. £3,950

Ernest Higgins Rigg 1868 – 1947

56. Cattle Grazing, oils on canvas board, signed. Previous frame dated 1928. £1,950

57. Sheep Grazing above Hinderwell, oi1s on canvas board, 11½”x15½”, signed. £1,850

58. Autumn in Swaledale, oils on panel, 11”x15”, signed. £3,250

59. Feeding the Ducks, oils on canvas, 24”x15”, signed. £1,950

Mark Senior 1862-1927

60. The Sea Through the Trees, Runswick Bay, oils on panel, 8¾”x10½”, authenticated verso by the artist’s widow, Alice. £4,950

61. Ludlow, oils on panel, 7”x9”, title inscribed and bears label, ‘I, Alice Senior, widow of the late Mark Senior, certify that the sketch to which this label is attached is the work of my late husband.’ £3,250

62. Haymaking, pastels, 9½"x14”, signed. Illustrated Peter Phillips Exhibition catalogue ‘A Retrospective View of Staithes’, May 1982. £2,450

Albert George Stevens 1863 – 1925

63. A Jet Worker, watercolours, 7”x7”, signed. £2,450

64. A Three-Master at Low Tide, Whitby, 11½”x17½”, watercolours, signed. £1,650

Percy Morton Teasdale R.C.A. 1870-1961

65. The Fishing Fleet in Brixham Harbour, oils on panel, 10"x13½”, signed. £1,650

Joseph Alfred Terry R.B.A. 1872 – 1939

66. Appleblossom, pastels, 12”x14”, signed with initials. £395

James Watson 1851-1936

67. Cottage Garden, Runswick, oils on canvas, 27”x20”, signed. £2,950

68. The Old Mill, oils on board, 11”x15”, signed. £1,450

(Stephen) Frank Wasley 1848-1934

Frank Wasley was the first Northern Impressionist whose work we came across in the mid 1970s. He was roughly contemporary with the Staithes Group and painted from Whitby for many years in a similar style. Although we have seen at least one painting of Staithes by him I have never found any connection between him and the artists’ colony. We like his work so much we always have some in

stock – as can be seen below! – and have a number of his paintings in our own collection. We have an interesting illustrated booklet on Wasley and his work on sale for £5.

69. Arundle Castle, watercolours with gouache, 14¼”x21”, signed. £2,950

                   70. Outward Bound, watercolours,14½”x21” signed. £2.450

71. Storm off Whitby Pier, watercolours, gouache and mixed media, 9”x12¾”, signed. £1,950

72. A Walk Through the Woods, watercolours,17”x9¼”, signed. Provenance with the artist’s daughter. £1,150

73. Venice, Moonlight, watercoours and gouache, 16½”x9½”, signed.   £1,950

74. Cookham Church, watercolours, 10”x13½”, signed. £1,250

75. Venice by Moonlight, watercolours, 11½”x17½”, signed. £1,950

76. Moonlight, Shincliffe, mixed media, 21"x29", signed. £1,950

77. Shipping at Sunset, oils on canvas, 16”x23”, signed. £2,950

78. Windsor From the Thames, watercolours, 14”x21”, signed. £1.950

79. Houses of Parliament, watercolours,10½”x13½”, signed. £1.650

80. The Woodland Path, 12½”x18”, signed. £750

81. Venice, charcoal, 12¼”x18½”, signed. £850

82. A Grecian Idyll, charcoal, 12”x18”, signed. £750

83. Bempton Cliffs, charcoal drawing, 19”x16”, signed. £450

84. Shipping Offshore 1, charcoal,12”x18”, signed. £950

85. Shipping Offshore 2, charcoal,12”x18”, signed. £950

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