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Staithes Festival 2018

We’re exhibiting the following pictures at the Memorial Hall, Cliff Road, Staithes (top of the village) at the Staithes Festival of Arts & Heritage, 8th & 9th September (NOT the evening of 7th) and Rosamund is giving an illustrated talk on the Staithes Group and Staithes Art Club at 2pm each day, suggested donation of £5.00 to go to Festival funds).

i): The Staithes Group and Staithes Art Club (British Impressionists working over a century ago)

Edward Enoch Anderson RBA 1878-1961

1.  Turnbull’s Shipyard, watercolours, 9”x13”. Provenance: from the artist’s sketchbook.   £495

2.  Whitby Harbour with St Mary’s Church, watercolours, 7”x10”. Provenance: from the artist’s sketchbook. £395

3.  Moored Boats, Upper Harbour, Whitby, watercolours, 7”x10”. Provenance: from the artist’s sketchbook.  £395

Joseph Richard Bagshawe R.B.A. 1870-1909

4. The Return of the Fleet, oils on panel, 9”x13½”. Provenance: a certificate of authenticity signed by S. Bagshawe, the artist’s granddaughter. £2,950

5. Whitby Fish Quay during showing election posters for Gervase Becket and Noel Buxton in either the By-election of 1905 or the General Election of 1906, dating the drawing to within a year, pen and ink, 7”x12”, signed. £695

6. Fishing Boats Offshore, watercolours, 4¼”x6” (ex. Artist’s sketch book). £495

7. Fishing Fleet at Sea, watercolours, , 9”x13½”, signed. £3,250

8. Fishing Crew at Sea, watercolours, 10”x14½”, signed. £4,850

James William Booth R.Cam.A. 1867 – 1953

9. Horses Sheltering, oils on board, 8”x11½", signed. Provenance with a private client.  £2,250

Owen Bowen R.O.I. P.R.Cam.A. 1873 – 1967

10. Chrysanthemums, oils on panel, 16"x11½", signed. £2,950. 

11. Driving Cows in the Low Countries, oils on canvas, 14”x18”, signed. £2,950

Ernest Dade 1864-1935

12. Fishing Boats in a Harbour, watercolours, 6½”x9½”, signed. £1,350

13. Poole Harbour, watercolours, 6½”x 8½", signed with initials. £1,450

Arthur A. Friedenson 1872 – 1955

14. The North York Moors, oils on panel, 8”x10”, signed. £1,450

15. St. Monans Harbour, oils on panel, 9½”x13½”, signed. £ 4,950

Ralph Hedley R.B.A.  Pr.B.C 1848 – 1913

16. Deep in Thought! Oils on canvas laid on board, 15”x11”, signed with initials and dated 1908. £3,950 

17. A Runswick Washerwoman, oils on canvas, 17”x13”, signed and dated (18)95. £3,950

Rowland Henry Hill 1873 – 1952

18. Young Girl with a Basket of Violets, watercolours, 10”x7”, signed and dated 1927 and Young Girl wearing a Staithes Bonnet and Carrying a Bunch of Primroses, watercolours, 10”x7”, signed and dated 1927. £1,750  the pair

   19. Staithes, Looking Towards Cowbar, watercolours, 9¾" x13½", signed. £1,150

20. Ellerby by Moonlight, watercolours, 9¼”x13¼”, signed and dated 1932. £1,750

Henry Silkstone Hopwood RSW 1860 – 1914

21. Runswick Washerwoman at Work, watercolours, 12”x8”, signed. £2,950

John Spence Ingall  1850-1936

22. Sunset, North York Moors, watercolours, 10½"x14½", signed. £1,250

Frederick William Jackson NEA RBA 1859 – 1918

23. Low Tide, Whitby, watercolours, 13¼”x9½”, signed. Provenance: Bears Walker Galleries Ltd., Harrogate label verso. £2,250

Harold Knight RA ROI RP 1874 - 1961

24. The Blood Coral Beads, Laren, oils on board, 13½”x9½”, signed. £14,950

25. A Busy Harbour, watercolours, 8½”x6 ¾”, signed. £3,950

Frank Henry Algernon Mason RBA RI RSMA 1875 – 1965

26. Stormy Waters, watercolours, 13”x18”, signed.  £3,250

27. Venetian Canal Scene, watercolours,9”x13”, signed with initials. £1,750

William Frederick Mayor 1866-1916

28. A Norfolk Landscape, watercolours, 12”x15”, signed. £695

29.  Fisherman and Cobbles on the Beach, Staithes, watercolours, 13”x9½”, signed. £1,950

30. Looking for the Boats, watercolours,12”x15”, signed. £3,950

Paul Paul R.B.A. 1865 – 1937

31. Poultry in a Sunlit Farmyard, oils on panel, 9"x12½" signed.  £1,950

Frederick Stuart Richardson 1855-1934

32. Venice, watercolours, 9¼”x13”, signed. £1,950

Ernest Higgins Rigg 1868 – 1947

33. Autumn in Swaledale, oils on panel, 11”x15”, signed. £4,250

Mark Senior 1862-1927

34. The Sea Through the Trees, Runswick Bay, oils on panel, 8¾”x10½”, authenticated verso by the artist’s widow, Alice. £6.950

Albert George Stevens 1863 – 1925

35. A Jet Worker, watercolours, 7”x7”, signed. £2,450

Percy Morton Teasedale 1870-1961

36. The Fishing Fleet in Brixham Harbour, oils on panel, 10"x13½”, signed. £1,650

Joseph Alfred Terry R.B.A. 1872 – 1939

37. Appleblossom, pastels, 12”x14”, signed with initials. £395

James Watson 1851-1936

38.  The Old Mill, oils on board, 11”x15”, signed. £1,450

ii)Modern Northern Artists

Michael Fowler b. 1957

39. An Early Morning, Staithes, oils on canvas 9½”x11½”, signed. £395

40. Early Start, Staithes, oils on canvas 7½”x11½, signed. £395

John Freeman

All watercolours with Indian ink, approximately 3¾”x5”,and all from the same private collection.

41. Hawsker   £95

42. Fylingdales  £95

43. River Esk, Whitby  £95

44. Slaughter Farm, Lealholme  £95

45. Danby Beacon £95

46. Ellerbeck, Fylingdales £95

47. Staithes  £95

Robert Leslie Howey 1900-1981

48. Fishing Cobble at The Landing, Robin Hoods Bay, mixed media on paper, 14½”x17½”, signed. £2,450

49. The Hunt, mixed media on paper, 13½”x16½”, signed. £1,450

50. Roseberry Topping, mixed media on paper, 14½”x17¼”, signed. £1,650

51. Rough Sea off the Durham Coast, oils on board, 11”x17”, signed and dated ’70. £750

52. Misty Day on the Yorkshire Coast with Fishermen and Boats, mixed media, 10¾”x14½”, signed. £1,650

53. Whitby Harbour by Moonlight, mixed media, 4½”x6¼”, signed. £950

54. Seaton Beach and Tees Estuary, watercolours, 8½”x10½”, signed. £795

55. At the Quayside, mixed media, 14¼”x17¼”, signed. £2,450

56. Whitby by Moonlight, oils on canvas board, 4½”x7”, signed. £950

Richard Marshall 1944-2006

57. Sandsend, Making Sandpies, oils on canvas laid on board, 8¾"x11½", signed. £750

58. Playing on the Beach at Sandsend, oils on canvas laid on board, 8¼"x 11½", signed. £750

59. Cobbles in Staithes Beck, oils on canvas laid on board, 13”x10”, signed. £750

Tom McGuinness 1926-2006 Etchings with Aquatint and other Techniques

60. Shot Firer 2¾” x4”, engraving, signed, titled, numbered 10/30 signed and dated ’78. £375

61. Fillers, 2¾”x4”, etching, signed, titled, numbered 10/30 and dated ‘77, all in pencil below image. £375

62. Hand Putter, 2¼”x7¼”, signed, titled, numbered 23/40 and dated ‘83, all in pencil below image. £375

Trevor Shoesmith 1944-2011

63. Gayle, Wensleydale, oils on board, 9”x13”, signed. £195

Alec Wright 1900-1981

64. Stokesley Fair The Day Before the Show, (inscribed verso), signed .  £550

65. Remaining portals of Stone Hall, Stokesley 1973 (inscribed verso), signed and and dated 1973.  £550

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