About Staithes Group Art Specialists, T.B. & R. Jordan

We're Tom and Rosamund Jordan, leading specialists in the Staithes Group of painters for 40 years. We believe that this still neglected Group needs to be written into the history of British and World art and Rosamund is nearing the completion of her book which will define and re-assess the artists and their work. These Yorkshire Impressionist painters worked in and around the fishing village of Staithes from around 1883 when the Railway first came to the village. With it came artists, many of whom trained in Paris and Antwerp at the height of the Impressionist movement. They brought with them flat-tipped brushes and a plein air techniques of the movement to which they added the substance of social realism. They exhibited in major public galleries world-wide and their works are still held by many of these establishments.

We have selling exhibitions each year at the Pannett Art Gallery in Whitby alongside the only comprehensive public collection of Staithes Group paintings in the world.

We have the largest collection of works by the Staithes Group on the market with, at present, around 130 in stock. We never pretend that pictures which we are offering for sale, from our home or from an exhibition, are our own 'collection'. We make a clear distinction between our stock and our private collection, which is always quite separate from pictures which we offer for sale as picture dealers. You may have seen Rosamund with Staithes Group pictures on Countryfile, Art and the Sea or Coast all of which were from our past or present stock. She is sole author of the 2003 Staithes group Centenary catalogue, detailing 34 Staithes Group and Staithes Art Club artists. 

Fine quality pictures have a lot of advantages over ISAs at the moment: you'll have something you can enjoy, be proud of and pass on to future generations regardless of fluctuations in value. Increasing inflation is making them a better option than ever.

Our aim is to use our expertise to select the best works within our price range,both from those which appear on the open market and those offered to us privately. This allows us to present both private and corporate clients with an exceptionally wide choice of pictures from within our narrow specialisms give an added guarantee of quality through our long-standing membership of LAPADA.

We work from our home near Yarm by appointment, hold one day exhibitions in Staithes and stage longer exhibitions in Whitby. We encourage collectors to visit the area which so attracted these great artists and experience its appeal for themselves.  Rosamund was on the NADFAS list of lecturers until ill health sadly prevented her from continuing.

We are next exhibiting at the Staithes Festival of Art and Culture 8th & 9th September.

We will be showing a significaant number of paintings by the Staithes Group of Artists for sale

Together with original works showing the Yorkshire coast by other artists.                                                           

Rosamund will be giving a talk on the artists at 2pm each day, with around 50 illustrations of their work.

It's all happening in the Memorial Hall at the top of the village so won't involve a walk up and down the Bank

We strongly urge anyone interested in Impressionist art - regardless of their location - to look at these pictures as they still represent amazing value for their quality.



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